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>>> thanks for joining us everyone. america's news headquarters picks up the coverage of the 50th anniversary of the jfk assassination now. >> you are looking live at a tribute there. that is on to the national cemetery, the national flame. 50 years ago today shots rang out killing the america's president. i am alisyn camerota. >> and i am bill hemmer, good day. we'll watch together and listen to the ceremony with you and several reporters live on the growned in dallas and firsthand account of an eyewitness who looks back 50 years ago today. you are looking live as alisyn mentioned in the eterm flame in arlington national cemetery in virginia. that is the gravesite for the late president. we'll go now to dallas, texas. casy ste gal is live there in the plaza. it is a dreary day, casy. what is happening. >> reporter: it is very cold and that is not stopped. hundreds of people coming out to dealey plaza. we are in the place infamous. and they handed out rain ponchos because the wind and rain is picking up in the last 30 minutes or so. and the people are out here and pre- program as
he will be sorely missed. that's it for this week's show. i'm david asman. thanks for watching us. you can catch me on "after the bell" on the fox business network. >>> hello, i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to america's news headquarters. brand-new reaction to iran's nuclear deal. this agreement reached by iran, the united states and five world powers calls for tehran to curb its nuclear activities for six months in exchange for easing of some sanctions. however, not everyone is happy with this deal. national security correspondent jennifer griffin live in washington with more. jennifer. >> gregg, differences are emerging over the interpretation of what the deal does and doesn't do. >> translator: no matter what interpretations are given iran's right to enrichment has been recognized in the text and for that reason i announce that iran's enrichment activity will continue as before. >> there is no right to enrich. we do not recognize a right to enrich. it is clear in the npt it's very clear that there is no right to enrich. >> here's what the deal includes. it pauses construction of th
. governor mike huckabee will join us as well. boston strong, stronger than ever. fans pouring into the streets to welcome the world series champions red sox. we'll take you there live. hello. this is america's news headquarters. live in the nation's capitol. it starts right now. >>> we're hearing some of the chilling stories emerging from that rampage at los angeles international airport. leading the coverage, standing by live at the airport is dominick. >> reporter: uma, the fbi is looking into the background of paul ciancia, they believe is the gunman. that's how they identified him yesterday. they're also searching his apartment which is just east of hollywood here. they believe that after messages he stoent his family that his intent was to harm tsa agents and as he went through the airport yesterday, that is what he appeared to exactly be targeting. the los angeles times is pointing out, quoting officials saying that's what the tsa firmly believes and we're hearing via local radio from passengers who say that as he went to the airport, he was asking individuals if they we
storm is approaching that region. let's get to dana piper -- david piper streaming live for us from bangkok. david? >> hi, uma. the true scale of the death and destruction is only just becoming apparent in philippines. the death toll is likely to rise in the next few days. the typhoon smashed in to the philippines friday, packing winds of nearly 200 miles per hour. experts believe it could be the strongest typhoon to make landfall in recorded history. the central philippines felt the brunt of the storm. communities were ripped apart, as the strong winds flung vehicles about and tore down buildings. 15-foot high waves from a storm surge flooded coastal towns and villages. landslides and trees blocked roads, hampering the relief effort. there is still no communication and it's difficult to find out what has happened on some islands. the worst area is the coastal city that was engulfed by a storm surge. the aviation officials say the flight crew reported bodies on the street. the roads are still blocked leading from the local airport in to taklaban and the only way in is by helicopter.
headquarters. >> thank you for joining us today on this saturday. topping the news at this hour, the obama care vote. some democrats breaking ranks with the administration over the botched health care rollout and they're teaming up with the republicans to try and let people keep their health care plan. >> well, more than a week after a super typhoon tore through the philippines, we'll show you. >> you're looking at a 3-d computer generated plastic firearm. and guess what, you can make these, right in your own home. the danger is, they pass through medical detectors and that makes them illegal right now. the warning is that could change very soon. we'll tell you about the plastic guns that you can make on a computer. >> first, the dozens of democrats who are now turning their backs on the white house. 39 of them, in fact, now say president obama's health care fix doesn't go far enough. they're breaking ranks with the administration and they are voting with house republicans. on a bill that would allow the americans to keep their current plans and even allow new customers to buy those plans for m
us at fox now doot com. be sure to follow us on twitter. that's it for this week's shows. thanks for watching. hope to see you right here next week. >>> brand-new information on the alleged gunman as things begin to get back to normal at los angeles international airport following yesterday's rampage that killed one tsa agent, injuring at least five other people and disrupting hundreds of flights nationwide. hello, everyone, glad you're with us. i'm greg jarrett. >> i'm arthel neville. welcome inside america's news headquarters. this is 23-year-old paul ciancia armed with a semiautomatic rifle, more than 150 rounds of ammunition as well as a note allegedly outlining his mission against the tsa. listen as these people describe the chaos the moment he opened fire. >> two gunshots going off and i looked at my boyfriend and he said, those are gunshots. he was like, run. we literally just ran down the stairs. >> tsa was running with us. they said, keep running, keep running. there was probably another 15 to 20 shots that we heard behind us. we just kept running. >> it was like a dream
we will continue the conversation on twitter. check out our facebook stage give us a like at our homepage. we are back here next sunday morning. 11:00 eastern with the latest buzz. >>> welcome. i'm jamie colby. topping the news this hour, this is new reaction to president obama's health care fix. what lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are now saying about the president's latest promise to let americans keep their canceled health insurance plans. >> severe tornadoes and thunderstorm warnings. now in the midwest. we will show you where millions of americans should be on alert for the extreme weather coming their way. >> we get the latest the growing mystery that is surrounding the disappearance of a san diego family. their remains believed to have been uncovered in the california desert. >>> first, sounding off on obama care. will is a lot of that this morning. democrats, republicans, leaders of the insurance industry all speaking out about the troubled health care rollout. offering their take on the president's recent announcement he will extend insurance plans for all american
and bring us the potential for a coastal event on the busiest travel day of the the year. this low moves across the southeast on tuesday and starts to move offshore wednesday. we're going to see a mixture of rain and wind and snow across the northeast wednesday into thursday. again, hampering travel for millions of people. this is going to be a top story as we head through the next couple of days. and the temperatures are going to be frigid. dangerously cold across the upper midwest and the great lakes. it's going to sink southward into parts of the south and into the mid-atlantic. a lot of things to cover as we get into the weekend. and of course into the busiest travel day of the year. jamie and kelly, this is going to be a top weather story. folk are going to be trying to get a lot of places for thanksgiving. >> we thank you for the fair warning. that's going to affect millions of people. janice dean, thank you. >> i want to tell you about a pair of bizarre incidents that happened at two major u.s. airports. first, there was a car accident and reports of a gunman that led to panic and
>>> hello. i'm gregg jarrett. glad you're with us. well woman to a brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm arthel neville. topping the news this hour, the moment of truth for obamacare and the white house's deadline to get the problem-plagued web site up and running for most users. so is it ready for prime time? a live report moments away. >>> we have seen those black friday lines outside the big box stores. but today small businesses are hoping to get in on some of the action. we'll explain. ♪ ♪ >> plus, a young dj hitting a positive note after a very tough struggle. we'll be sharing his story. >>> as you likely know, deadline day is here for obamacare after a disastrous rollout that frustrated millions of americans. the administration today saying that should be up and running for, quote, the vast majority of users. whatever that means. molly henneberg is live in washington with more on that. molly? >> reporter: hi, gregg. we don't have any numeric data yet on the relaunch of the web site. meaning how many people have tried to log on and how
and there is donkey and reindeer and yak milk. >> i like the cows. >> thank you for joining us. america's news headquarters stars now. >>> bracing for a travel nightmare. they are bracing for the storm. welcome to hq cheery news? >> i am talking off my parka too soon. i am alisyn camerota. things could get ugly. parts of virginia seeing snow and temperatures dropping and ice is starting to form. and meteorologist maria molina is live in the weather center. >> i want to start out with the concern of tornados. we had a confirmed tornado in the florida pandhandle and we still have a tornado watch out here. florida pandhandle including panama city and that is in affect until 5:00 p.m. time. no current tornado warnings, but the threat is in place. when warning is issued for your county seek shelter. that is in place throughout the day in central florida and including orlando and tampa and parts of southern georgia and eastern parts of the carolinas. that's the severe weather. otherwise precipitation widespread already. we have snow coming down in parts of upstate new york and pennsylvania, and agai
is a veteran. >> thanks for joining us. america's news headquarters begins right now. >> fox news alert. the philippines is a shattered nation in desperate need for relief. the region is a wasteland, the u.s. military delivering cargo planes loaded with foods and water and generators. survivors describing a 20 foot storm surge wiping everything away. nonly thing that is left is my clothes and child. >> i no longer have a home or money or anything left. >> and these latest images reveal the huge scale of destruction. the bridges and airport was destroyed. here in the u.s. family and friends with loved ones there are anxious to learn of their fate. >> you can imagine the people who are there. they are poor people. >> we think based on their location that they should have been able to make it through the storm, but the aftermath is also a big risk and really until, we can't rest until we hear positive confirmation that they areoc. >> i think you know, prayers and faith. people remain in spite the fact. >> and american aid groups launching major relief campaigns and america is sending food
is overwhelming. an international effort is now gearing up now to help the philippines. u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel says they have made available helicopters, aircraft and search equipment to help the relief effort. typhoon haiyan is now bearing down on vietnam. a massive operation to evacuate the coast there is now under way. the typhoon is likely to make landfall in central vietnam near the city of da nang. and we do understand now there are reports that perhaps another typhoon is heading towards the philippines, and that could, of course, hurt the effort to help the people there. back to you, shannon. >> absolutely. david, thank you very much. >>> iran gives practically nothing and it gets a hell of a lot. that's not a good deal. i hope, i can only express my wish, that the p5 plus 1 uses the time to get a good deal that takes away iran's nuclear military capability. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who has lobbied against a deal with iran from the beginning. three days of talks and still no deal on cushing iran's nuclear capabilities, but secretary of state john kerry s
it home. >> thanks for joining us everybody. >> bill and ally up next. >>> in the hot seat again. back for a second time to defend obama care. welcome to hq. i am alisyn camerota. nand i am bill hemmer. glad to see you off of elevator. >> i got off. >> tough questions of putting the president's words in the law. >> why not put the president's words in to law and simply say if you like the plan you have. we'll not decide. if you like the plan you have you can cope it without changing the thing. that's what is on the white house website today. >> before we get in the details, everybody should take a deep breath. it is a website and it is a machine that will be fixed. >> the decisions than made. if they don't meet the minimum benefit established you should the a ca. that individual's plan will be cancelled. >> the sun doesn't rise and set in washington d.c. or eastern standard time. >> yeah, yeah. wlthat. >> after hundreds of millions of dollars you should have something. >> peter doosy watching it all from washington now, peter? >> reporter: bill, one of the headlines is that there was
>> greed is good. >> he's going to stick around with us in our after show show. >> >> paint a giant rick's head. >> that's what i'm working on. >>> no deal to try to stop iran from building a possible nuclear bomb. after three days of marathon talks with iran on its disputed nuclear program, the negotiated ended early this morning without an agreement, and even though iran denies it wants a bomb, the proposed deal does not order iran from stopping uranium enrichment completely but only suspend it for six months, and no agreement on plutonium in richment. the french foreign minister was holding fast, saying he does not want to be part of, quote, a kon game. >> there's a lot of concern on that topic, eric. we'll talk about that and much more. i'm jamie colby. despite the failure to come up with anygreement, both sides say progress made between iran and six other world powers has occurred. according to secretary kerry, time remains of the esngs. >> the window for diplomacy does not stay open indefinitely. and we will continue working to find a pe
in afghanistan was killed in a u.s. drone strike. >>> plus, could there be more trouble on the horizon for obama care? why many are now saying that the glitches associated with the rollout are, quote, just the tip of the iceberg. >>> and the hidden danger in your kitchen. why the fda says your spice rack may be filled with dangerous contaminants. >>> new developments in the u.s. drone strike that killed a taliban leader yesterday. meh su d believed to be behind a failed car bombing in times square in 2010 and the murders of a cia outpost in 2009. now the pakistani government is condemning the strike and accuses the u.s. of derailing peace talks with the taliban. >> reporter: there was a $5 million bounty on mehsud. he has been targeted by drones many, many times and at least twice he has been pronounced dead. this tyime, however, it is official according to taliban and pakistani officials. including four other people were killed in this drone strike somewhere in the tribal region between afghanistan and pakistan. reportedly the taliban buried him under the cover of secrecy some time in the past
's molly henneberg joins with us more on the fall-out from the house vote that will raise the political stakes at a time when so many americans remain upset over the problems plaguing obamacare. molly? >> that is driving this. changing the minds on this, in the democrats and the house and the senate who may be vulnerable in next year midterm election. we saw yesterday in the house 39 out of 192 democrats that voted for a republican bill, the upton bill. that would allow miles per hours to keep the healthcare plan. even if the plans do not meet obamacare standards. >> this is after they launched pre-emptive strike on thursday by telling the americans who got the cancellation notices because of become become carrie would crack administrative fix to keep the plan. the 39 house democrats likely feeling pressure from the home district broke with the president. broke with the leadership. voted for the upton bill. >> what has to drive my vote is what is best for miles per hour patients. >> i have to be response to believe the constituents. >> arizona democrat ron barbour voted for the upton bi
, and he came to us. >> go on to >>> and a fox news alert. the deal is done. world leaders in iran ending three decades of mostly diplomatic gridlock. making history last night by reaching an interim deal that calls on tehran to cut down on its nuclear activity in exchange for sanctions relief. critics are already speaking out, and some are calling the deal dubious at best. others describing it as down right dangerous. good morning, everyone. weu welcome you here to americas news headquarters. i'm jamie colby. >> i'm erin shawn. this agreement was announced at 3:00 in the morning after weeking of intense negotiations in geneva. now the two sides have six months to try to hammer out a more comprehensive deal that could potentially solve the dispute over iran's nuclear intentions, but is this really the first step in trying to stop an ianian nuclear bomb. president obama praised the development last night. >> today, that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure, a future in which we can verify that iran's nuclear program is peaceful and that i
us how things are progressing. is it working? >> reporter: well this is the first update we've gotten today, gregg. president obama's team working on the website has said it will update on the "success rates" of the relaunch of as it goes forward and just got i guess what you would call an update, one line from the health and human services department that says the website is performing well today with low overall error rates and response times, despite heavier than usual weekend traffic. that is the latest just coming in, they are saying low overall error rates despite heavier than usual weekend traffic. jeff zeinst said today deadline day the website should handle the vast majority of consumers and also warned that "there could be moments in the middle of the day" seems to be the peak, "where capacities goes beyond the user level at which point there will be a customer friendly queuing system notifying you when to come back to the site and be first in line." zients says today 50,000 should be able to use the website at the same time and that the website should be able
bush library. we are told they are flying off the shelves at just $30. >> how about that? tweet us. >> here's shannon. >> what was concluded in the geneva last night is not a historic agreement. it's a historic mistake. >> my greatest concern is seeing followthrough here. >> we will not standby, just let this be the final deal. >> critiquing a deal with iran. many are skeptical about what this short-term deal really means. the plan, set to last six months, could mean lifting some sanctions against iran in exchange for curbing the country's nuclear program. i'm shanno shannon bream from te nation's capitol. we start with reaction from one of our closest allies, israel. jennifer griffin is live in washington. peter ducey at the white house. and leland vitter is in the midwest. jennifer? >> already differences are eedgerring in washington and tehran over interpretations of what the deal does and doesn't do. >> no matter interpretations are given, i announce to the iranian nation that iran's enrichment activity will continue as before. >> there's no right to enrich. we do not recognize
conversation on twitter. give us a like on facebook, we're on there every day responding to questions. check out the home page. e-mail us, back next sunday morning 11:00 eastern with the latest buzz. >>> positively no deal. putting the brakes on iran's nuclear program over concerns they are trying to build an atomic weapon. there have been three days of marathon talks. they ended early this morning without an agreement despite the involvement of secretary of state john kerry and top dith diplomats from six other countries. the sticking points go to some of the most crucial issues including getting iran to suspend its enrichment of uranium and status of a plutonium reactor which could give iran another route to making a nuclear weapon. hello, everyone. welcome to america's news headquarters. >> iran as you know has also defied united nations security council for seven years ignoring the security council's demand to stop enriching uranium. despite that and geneva meeting setback, secretary of state said the talks did narrow some gaps. >> we came to geneva to narrow the diff
that is all for today, thank you for joining us, and until next time i hope you learn to be more of a healthy you. >> a pair of bizarre incidents sparking fear and panic at two u.s. major airports, hello, everyone, i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to america's news. evacuating two terminals they delayed thousands of passengers in the process. this is a bomb threat on board a spirit airlines flight, creating havoc at another major airport hundreds of miles away. dominic di natale has more on both. >> hey, there, gregg, alarming turn of events happening at l.a.x., just weeks ago, november first, in fact, we had a fatal shooting. well, a driver at the airport last night suffered a medical emergency and they crashed that car into another vehicle, and then the car ended up on the curb by terminal five scaring a lot of passengers as they got off their flights. well, the noise caused some people to think it was gunfire. and there were reports of a complicated shooting. and also, there was a third report there was a gunman inside one of the terminals. >> somebody called police dispatcher at th
. >> thanks for joining us. american's news headquarters starts right now. >>> thank you guys, we are watching a airplane take off. new zoo video in wichita, kansas. it is an atlas airplane it is really big and on a runway too little to take off. >> the plane bound from mcconnell air force base and missed its mark 12 miles. it needs a runway 9,000 feet long and this runway in kansas is 6,000 feet long. we will take you live where it is happening and hope for the best. >> they have gone nuclear and changes the rules. >> i am bill hemmer. sdmshgs the alisyn camerota. they have 51 votes than a 60 votes. we'll get joanna gold berg editor of the national review on line. jonna make sense of what happened for us. >> i feel like charl heston. you blew it up you fools. you blew it up. this is a mess. basically obama has -- republicans claim that obama has tried to tack the dc circuit court with judges that republicans think they don't need and would pad it and make it a democratic jurisdiction and so republicans have been blocking all of obama's nominees for that reason. and as a result harry reid fina
sanctions on iran. one much the concerned members is the chair republican ed royce. thank you for joining us, mr. chairman. >> good to be with you. >> you and the ranking member of the committee wrote president obama recently about your concerns about this potential deals. and among your concerns are what it does not require iran to do. let's look at some of those tinges. iran will not be required to suspend enrixment and reprocessing activities, will not be be forced to halt production and installation of additional centrifuges. and iran will not be required to halt all construction or other activities at the iraq heavy water facility, which is intended to produce weapons-grade plutonium. enkacapsulate what it means for me. >> well, what it means is that i think the french are right when they say this would be a sucker's deal. the reason it would be so dangerous for us and for our allies throughout that part of the world is because iran in the past has made certain representations and then walked back from them. this is the first time we've had the opportunity it, with such pressure on iran
. >> happy birthday john scott. >> they are swimming in your honor. >> thank you for joining us. >>> all right. it has become what is called a crisis of confidence. it doesn't sound to good. that made senate democrats nervous right now. welcome to hq. i am martha mccowan in for alisyn camerota. >> and i'm bill hemmer. would you call it the martha- thon. democrats up for reelection worried about obama care will drag them down and they want the president to do something about. that chris is here and what are you hearing among the democrats today? >> considerable. we can tell from the meeting that the president had yesterday afternoon not on his schedule with almost all of the senate democrats that are up for reelection in 2014 and they are worried. they are worried about the all of the problems with obama care. they saw what happened on tuesday in virginia where mccoughive had a lead and cuccinelli talked about obama care and cuccinelli barely lost because of the emphasis on obama care. they worry they could face the same problem a year from now. none senator said there is a lot of pent- u
to be the essence of the american spirit. that it is repreponderated here and some of us may be less talented but all have the opportunity to serve and to open people's hearts and minds and you know, in our smaller orbits. in addition to president clinton, mr. obama preponderated the award to notables. opera winfrey and ben bradley. and loretta lynn. there will be a formal dinner for the recipients in the museum of american history. kennedy was an iconic president and many tried to emulate him. bill clinton made great use of that picture of him shaking jfk's hand. presidential historians say they are wise not to compare themselves. alisyn. >> it locks chilly in washington d.c. what do we expect when president obama is there at the wreath? >> reporter: the president will place the wreath at the tomb of the unknown and eternal flame in the arlington national cemetery. it is unclear if former president clenton will be with him. i doubt it. mr. obama will accompany the servicemen who holds the wreath and briefly pay his respects. we'll hear i think briefly from him. and this is as i say is part
for joining us. hold on to the ball. jenna: america's news headquarters is next. is next. >> thank you. we begin with a fox news alert and this following enormous pressure from republicans and democrats after mill yens of americans were sent cancellation. welcome to hq, i am alisyn camerota. >> and i am bill hemmer. the president announced that insurance companies have the option for a year to keep offering consumers plans that would otherwise be cancelled. but the president admitted not everything has gone according to plan. >> my working assumption was that the majority of the folks would find better policies at lower costs or the same costs in the marketplace and that the universe of folks who didn't find the better policy in the marketplace the grandfather clause would work. and it didn't. it is on us and me. >> did the president's proposal solve the problem with obama care. chris wallace jones us. >> jerry seid speculated with the impact and reaction from the america's insurance company and the answer is very negative. the americas health insurance plan and trade association put out a
and australia and europe but has never been approved for use here in the united states until now. meningitis is a rare but deadly disease that can kill a patient within a couple days or cause severe disabilities. rescuers now think they have found the body of that florida man who ever fell or jumped from a small private plane off the coast of miami. crews began looking on thursday for the man after the pilot made an urgent call at a passenger had suddenly opened the door at the back of the plane and fell out. police identifying the missing man as 42-year-old harold nalis from key biscayne. authorities do not expect foul play. new video today of a deadly blast in afghanistan. it happened in the capitol city. the explosion killing at least six people, injuring about 22 others. the blast comes just hours after president harmid karzai announced that the united states and afghan negotiators had finished working on a controversial security deal just ahead of higher level talks that began next week. it's only mid november but it looks a lot like christmas in some areas. look at that that's oregon.
his commercial will be off the c air. >> that's it for us.air. thanks for watching. have aor great weekend. "special report" up next. >>> hello, everybody. i'm arthel neville. welcome to a brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >> i'm gregg jarrett. topping the news, the obamacare web site, well, it's down again tonight. now hear why republican lawmakers are saying the disaster is, quote, the tip of the iceberg. >> bill clinton delivering curious comments. what mr. clinton has been saying at state level campaign rallies that have hillary 2016 watchers raising their antennas. >> the new york city marathon will be kick off bright and early tomorrow morning. next, we'll show you hot -- how the city is beefing up security for this event, six months after boston. >>> we begin with new details into a deadly shooting at los angeles international airport. this is video from inside the terminal where a lone gunman orlando with a semiautomatic rifle opened fire yesterday, killing tsa agent and injuring at least five other people. according to police, the 23-year-old suspect who i
jarrett. glad you're with us. topping the news this hour, pushing for an agreement on iran's nuclear program and diplomats try to close the gaps at the midnight hour. we're going to have a live report on the marathon negotiations. >>> also a new day, a new problem for obamacare. we'll tell you how it's slashing the paycheck for doctors and how this could affect the medical care you receive. >>> plus, panic at lax on a very busy travel weekend. a car crash, reports of a gunman sending passengers fleeing for the exits. we're live in los angeles with the latest at one of the nation's busiest airports. >>> we start with a fox extreme weather alert on a deadly storm system slamming the southwest. at least five people have been killed so far as a powerful system has already brought rain, ice and freezing temperatures from southern california to texas and is now making its way east. meteorologist janis dean with more. >> this is going to be our weather maker as we head into the busiest travel day of the year for the east coast. across the four corners, we're getsing heavy rain, very gusty w
and obamacare in general, congressman marcia blackburn of tennessee. thank you for joining us. >> good to be with you. thank you. >> start with "washington post," posted 12:01 that reads, "administration officials are preparing the announce sunday that they have met their saturday deadline for improving, according to the government officials by expanding the capacity so it can handle 50,000 users at once." that may be premature. what are you hearing if anything at this point? >> we know in order to meet an adjusted deadline, with reset expectations, what they have done is to say okay, the small business, the shop is not going to work. so we take it out of the picture to delay that. the payment process to send subsidy dollars for insurers are not going to work. we'll manually do that. so now what is left, look at what is making the website work for most users. the expectation is for 80% of those that go to the website that it should work. you know you got to look at the fact that they did take it down, again. for another 11 hours. i understand this morning it is sporadic
and producing a product that all of us could be proud. >> in your zeal to implement the law not warnings or advice or council deterred you. you said america should hold you accountable. i repeat my request for you to resign. >> do it now, and the second rule is do it right the first time. why not shut down and do it right? >> the only thing i can conclude it is impossible to do something in this administration to get you fired. you can lie to the american people and misrepresent the facts, but it is impossible to get fired. >> that is a sam pling of what we saw. we have host of power play. chris, did we reset things in the hearing. >> can you burn the same house down two times? i am not sure. it was worse. it was worse for cathlone sebelius this time than it was last week when she was at the house. >> how come? >> it was coming from democrats and the criticism was sharper and the consequences are real now as millions are off their health insurance policies and her and her team could not build a website would be embarrassing before and now dire consequential for the people whose policies
president obama's signature health care law. hello, everyone. glad you're with us. >> welcome inside america's news headquarters. white house officials say they're on track to meet the deadline for the online obama care fixes. today is the self-imposed date to have running smoothly for a variety of users. molly heninburg is live in washington. >> president obama's team working on the website says it will update us on success rates of the relaunch of health as it goes forward. the man heading up the fixes said earlier this week today, deadline today, quote, there could be moments in the middle of the day seems to be the peak where capacity goes beyond that current user level, at which point there will be a customer friendly queueing system, which will notify you when to come back to the site. he says by today 50,000 people should be able to use the website at the same time. and that the website should be able to handle, in total, 800,000 day. overnight the scheduled hours of maintenance on the site turned into 11 hours of maintenance. something republicans noted today
's the way it was described to us a short while ago. people are able to check in. in the case of virgin america they are taken to remote stands to board their flights, but the belief is that later this afternoon you can go into terminal 3 and actually board your flight directly from the terminal. a sense of nor mall tee is returning. it has been less than 30 hours since this happened which is what the chief pointed out. we will have an update from the fbi at 4:00 p.m. local time and 7:00 p.m. eastern time. we expect to have more information on how the investigation is going going and clarity on what precisely the injuries are to paul cian cry a. >> dominic, thank you. >>> one of the world's most wanted terrorists with a $5 million bounty on his head is dead. taliban and pakistani officials saying the leader of the pakistani taliban, there he is, has been killed. it was in a u.s. drone strike. assad is believed to be the master mind behind a deadly homicide attack at an of a fan cia-based failed time square bombing in new york city. his death could be a major blow to the pack -- the paki
from producing a nuclear weapon. our national security correspondent jennifer griffin joining us live today in our d.c. bureau with more. hi, jen. >> it seems the talks in geneva have hit a snag at least according to the french foreign minister who has been the most forth right and blunt about the problems in achieving a satisfactory interim deal. when secretary of state kerry abruptly changed his schedule to fly to geneva and the talks entered an unexpected third day, hopes were raised that a deal might be close, then the reality set in. a tone coming from leaders involved in the meetings began to change. >> we haven't done the deal yet. we haven't made this deal yet. i think everybody will have to comment on it if and when we rephase a successful conclusion and make their judgment about it then. so i'd ask everyone to be patient and to wait for us to arrive at that conclusion if we can. >> the iranians want sanctions lifted immediately on their oil and banking sectors. the most effective of the international sanctions. and may not be satisfied with the west' proposal for a one-time
. >> the white house, the president isn't leveling with us. he's trying to cover his tracks, claiming he never really made these promises. no wonder a member of his own party called this a crisis of confidence. if the president's truly sorry about all this, he'll take steps to right this wrong. >> congressman young says the house will take up a bill next week that would allow people to keep their current health insurance plans. the president said this week that he was sorry that people are finding themselves in this situation, braced on assurances they got from me. he insists most of these people will end up with better coverage once they get on the obama care website. >> i regret very much that what we intended to do, which is to make sure that everybody is moving into better plans because they want them, as opposed to because they're forced into it. th that. >>> tax payer dollars to help may for their plannings. that part of the sight will be down until tuesday morning. greg? >> molly, thanks very much. >>> the fox news extreme weather alert now, the most powerful storm in over 30 years is r
he will be sorely missed. that's it for this week's show. i'm david asman. thanks foring us. catch me weekday afternoons for "after the bell" on fox business network. >>> security scares at two of the nation's biggest airports sparking panic and fear. just ahead of one of the becausist travel weeks of the year. >> good to see you. the disturbing incident in atlanta as well as los angeles turned out to be false alarms, but no one is taking any chances. this is the scene at l.a.x. last night after an anonymous call reporting a gunman led to the evacuation of two terminals. now, nerves on edge of course, as millions of americans take to the skies for the thanksgiving holiday. our reporter live from los angeles with more. >> a bizarre series of events turning into a full alert at l.a.x. where just three weeks ago we had that fatal shooting. a driver to the airport suffered a medical emergency according to police. this was around 7:00 last night. they crashed their car into several obstacles and that car ended up on the curb near terminal five. well that sounded like gunfire to some peo
buzz. >>> fox news alert. we have new reaction coming in from u.s. lawmakers about the nuclear deal with iran. this comes, of course, after the six world powers and iran came to that historic agreement late last night, 3:00 in the morning in geneva. that deal caused tehran to delay its nuclear program for six months. in exchange for what president obama describes as, quote, modest relief from economic sanctions. but the big question the world faces today, right now, will this potentially stop iran from possibly getting a nuclear bomb? hello, everyone, welcome to "america's news hq," i'm eric shawn. >> aim jamie kohlby. no one can say for sure. we'll take a more in-depth look at it. six-month agreement and hinges upon iran halting at least part of its uranium enrichment program and president obama is already calling the idea first step towards progress. but stressed a lot of work still needs to be done. >> this first step will create time and space over the next six months for more negotiations to fully address our comprehensive concerns about the iranian program. and because of this
. >>> if you've been following it along with us, you know deadline day for obama care is here. after a disastrous rollout that frustrated millions of americans. well, the administration today is saying that health should now be up running for the, quote, vast majority of users. what exactly does that mean, molly? >> jamie, "should" is the key word there. that's not clear yet. the obama administration is promising americans they'll have a better experience as of today at the website. so far, no numbers on how many people are trying to log on today. and how successful they've been. the president's team has been working for weeks on this website. it was down for 11 hours overnight for maintenance. it was only scheduled to be down for four hours overnight initially. jeffrey zine, who is overseeing the relaunch today, said earlier this week that, by today, quote, the vast majority of consumers will be able to fill out applications, shop, compare plans and enroll. he went on to say, we will continue to update you on metrix and user experience and our success rates a
for joining us. america's news headquarters starts right now. >> start with a fox news alert. raising the stakes and international tensions as the u.s. and iran strike a deal. >> i am alisyn camerota. >> and i'm bill hemmer. the united states striking a deal. israel calls the deal a historic mistake and prime minister netanyahu slamming it and sending top security advisers to the meeting in washington. they are live in jerusalem with more from there. >> bill, you can imagine that will be tense meetings in washington between the israel national security advisor and staff in the white house. in the past 24 hours it looked like a possibility of israeli and u.s. relations going up in flames and things calmed down a bit. and the prime minister ratcheting more intense and pouring more water than gasoline. it comes down to the agreement to iran. israel said no uranium in iran and enrichment facility or centerrefuges or weapon's program. the united states is simply happy with iran not having a nuclear weapon. and the prime minister in israel was very blunt about how he views the temporary agr
back against new england next week. >> thanks for joining us. >> america's news headquarters starts now. >>> we begin with a fox news alert eight deaths confirmed as a result of the powerful winds and tornados that struck much of the midwest. welcome to hq. i am alisyn camerota. >> and i am bill hemmer. a late season storm ripping through 12 states and tearing through homes and tossing cars and leaving tens of thousands without power. the town of washington, illinois southwest of chicago got the worst of it. one man praying while recording this. >> our father who art in heaven hallowed will be tlooi name. give us this day our daily bread and forgive our trespass as we forgive those who trespass. and lead us not in temptation but deliver us from evil amen. nmike tobein is live from there now. >> reporter: bill, the debris shoes the power of the storm. this is a cooling unit from a nearby autoparts store. it is just wrapped around the tree that managed to stand up in the force of the storm. if you look at the tree in the distance that is a lounge chair and got deposited up in the tree. b
shot, joining us is rod wheeler. rod, thank you for being with us. what are you hearing about this? >> reporter: this is a very fluid swagdz right now. what my la contacts are telling me right now, the airport is on a some what lock down. no flights in or out. they have to isolate the specific situation and make sure they have everyone involved. right now is the big concern whether it was one person or maybe there were 2 or 3 more people involved with this. they don't know. it is very fluid and it is going on right now. the other thing i just heard they have not said whether or not there was any majority casulties, that is good news at this point. but it is fluid at this point. >> rod, you know, the airport, it looks like it is shut down completely. we are seeing officers moving around the perimeter of the u- shaped terminal area. are they semp going to have to go through every single terminal and every nook and cranny to search for possible additional suspects? >> gregg, the worry is yes. they will have to do that and the reason they have to do that, that is the protocol. if ther
. if anything their costs would go down. just the opposite is happening. the president is not leveling with us. he is trying to cover his tracks claiming he never really made these promises. >> president obama and the health and human services secretary says people will know more about what choices they have under obamacare once the website is functioning better. he should have been clear in keeping the current insurance. >> they are finding themselves in the situation based on assurances they got from me. >> this is his signature items and we all feel responsible forgetting the benefits to the people and do i wish things had operated totally smoothly on october 1st, you bet. was october a bad month, you bet. we are getting better. >> meanwhile, more maintenance work on the obamacare website. the irs will be working on part of the website that allows enrollees to figure out if they are eligible for government subsidees. that's one of the ways the obama administration has said that obamacare will reduce costs for people. some will be able to get taxpayer dollars to help pay for their plans. but
>>> we knout 50 shades of grey is set to debue with valentine's day. >> thanks for joining us. >> bill and ally is next. >>> there are new developments as white house officials behind the obama care debacle is grilled on capitol hill. here's what happened. >> i believe as public servants we have a shared goal to deliver to americans the service they deserve and expect. since day one only six people got to the end, for the american people understanding whatever the capacity today, it was insufficient on day one, is that correct? >> to provide the accurate testimony. >> on day one was capacity efficient. >> it is fully tested as the other it projects you have overseen to the same standards? >> i am trying to understand what you mean by fully tested. >> fully tested. holy cow. this is like a new low. >> i am only asking. >> gentlemen. >> you are not going to interfere you are going to do it all of the way. >> how many cyber attacks have there been on the system? >> we are aware of one open source action attempting to put a service attack against that
know, ping us with any updates. we want to make sure folks have the post up to date information. >>> all right. tornados already. around peoria and southwest of chicago. both are in taswell county. >> the tornados appear to have moved through the area. correction. this was not in peoria. it was in pekin, illinois and washington, illinois in tazewell county. but it did move from pekin, illinois to washington in a northeasterly direction. there are reports of severe damage to home, power lines. many of our phone line, land lines are down. we have units on scene in both of those cities. both have requested the assistance of the unified command post, which units that can set up and blanket all communications in the area. we are responding units to those locations, to pekin and washington to set up that communications and to coordinate the effort. >> and, bill, what is your best advice at this point? thankfully we have technology that warns people about these things that are coming, and our meteorologist just spilled it out. but what's your best advice to folks in this area day point
kerry wrapped up his visit to egypt. they said their relations with the u.s. were in turmoil. was his visit enough to ease some of the tensions? we will have a live report. >> and we have a fiesty panel here to discuss the latest in on believable case in -- in on believable case in utah of a doctor accused of killing his wife. they layout why and how the doctor put his plan into motion. first we begin with details in the shooting at los angeles international airport that left a tsa agent dead. as cell phone video from inside that terminal really shows you the chaos that unfolded. check this out. >> on the floor! on the floor now! on the floor! >> imagine if you were there. hundreds of folks in the moments just after the 23-year-old accused gunman opened fire inside that airport. police are saying the suspect shot the tsa agent at point blank range before turning his gun on the crowd. and returning to shoot the agent again. there were at least five other people injured in friday's shooting. we go now live outside l.a.x. with the latest. dominic, i can't imagine things could return to
as rescue workers reach remote areas cut off by the fast moving storm. hello, everyone. glad you're with us. welcome to america's news headquarters. i'll greg jarrett. >> and i'm arthel neville. that storm is forcing thousands of people out of their homes while causing landslides. flooding knocks out power to interprovinces. the super typhoon shows no sign of slowing down. and now it's threatening vietnam. we are tracking it from the weather center. where is it now and what's the path looking like? >> it's going to weaken over the next 12 to 24 hours. it's going to pararell the coast of vietnam which could bring over two feet of rain to this vulnerable area. we have another storm waiting in the wings that is going to pass a similar track to this super typhoon. really incredible. this could be -- this will be record setting in terms of how strong the storm was when it made landfall. sustained winds, 195 mile per hour sustained. which would make it the strongest typhoon tropical cyclone to make landfall anywhere across the world. typhoon haiyan, this is the latest track. it is still a categor
headquarters. glad you're with us. i'm greg jarrett. >> i'm arthur neville. it's over the botched rollout of the troubled health care law. the white house insists everything will be just fine butp democrats in congress are feeling the heat back home. as of last night, more than 5 million americans have received insurance cancellation notices leaving them in a state of limbo. molly heninburg live in washington with more on this story. >> they're hearing from those constituents and that might be part of the reason 39 house democrats voted for a republican bill, the upton bill that would allow americans to keep their health insurance plans. even if they do not meet obama care standards. that vote was yesterday. one day after president obama announced his administration would craft a fix to allow people to keep their health insurance. still, those 39 house democrats likely feeling the pressure from their home districts broke with the president, broke with their leadership and voted for the upton bill. >> what has to drive my votes as a doctor for someone who really understands health care is
douvenlt more on fox. >>> thanks, guys, take two aspirin and call us in the morning. the white house is hoping r& r will patch up >> i am bill hemmer. two aspirin? the site will go off line and suspending it entirely the administration will not budge on. that eric hello to you. >> reporter: hi, there. >> there is no mea cullpa. >> they have a great talking point everything would have worked fine but for republican obstruction. the law was passed when republicans didn't control any part of congress. but that's what they are doing. they want people to think that the site will get fixed and in the meantime blame the republicans. >> that may be the case now, the website will improve over time. and when it does, what then, eric? >> the republicans can't just focus on the website. the administration is building it up. once the site works they will claim that obama care will surface. republicans need to focus on the people losing insurance. the website will improve over time. >> listen to senator feinstein. listen to what she recommends. >> they ought on takedown the websit
their coverage all across our country. peter is live in washington right now with much more on this. tell us the very latest, and good morning. >> good morning, jamie. the latest, you'll remember for the last few week said, obama administration officials have been promised by the end of this month, health will b working for a vast majority of users. now we know the vast majority they're aiming for is 80% of visitors. that's according to a washington post story that reveals for the first time the amount of electronic enrollments the administration will consider a success. 80%. this week, the president said if insurance companies want to continue offering substandard plans and individual states okay those plans, then maybe that will stop the surge of cancellation notices. republicans say that's not good enough. >> what the president is proposing is basically a false fix. it's a political band-aid, but it's not a permanent cure for the people hurt by his policies, so it's time to start over. >> the latest fox news poll shows only 36% of voters approve of the way president obama has h
of americans getting cancellations notices, what happens next. bob cusack joins us now. >> hi, alisyn. >> did that apology go far enough to quiet the president's critics. sfshgs it is phase one of the new strategy. ha's no longer blaming the insurance companies to work with to make obama care work? is this a story line absolutely, the republicans are doing as mitch mckunle said. you like your health care plan you get to keep it. >> right senator johnson came up with the proposal of keeping your coverage. how do you force private insurers not to cancel your plans? >> that is going to be the rub. from a policy perspective, there is an argument against the legislation. but politically it is hard to oppose the bill and house republicans are planning to have their version of the bill on the house floor. that will put vulnerable democrats and red state democrats that are up for reelection back the bill, they know politically it is impossible not to support it. the insurance companies are not going to like this. but what are they going to do here? this bill could pass and what will the white house d
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